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    About Suzanne

    Suzanne began her very successful career in Psychology with at-risk adolescents. At risk includes; school dropouts, academic failures, illegal drug use, behavioral disorders  and suicide. She has worked as a counselor in three different prisons in the United  States. All of these adolescents and prisoners had a common thread. Although they could not make the grade academically, they all  were talented and most of the time in sports. Suzanne began treating her clients by focusing on their talent, which would emotionally build their self esteem. That was the beginning of treatment.  Suzanne being an athlete herself, eventually began a  doctorate program in Sports Psychology. Prior to earning her doctorate, she began a course with Dr. Joanne Dahlkoetter, one of the premier Sports Psychologists in the United States. She has been the Sports Psych to 6 gold medal winners in the Olympics. Suzanne learned how to help people reach their 'Peak Performance', and therefore being the very best they can be in their chosen sport.